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п»їNicole Rodriguez

Prof. Gidley

British 101C

18 October 2013

IPhone versus Android

Over the years technology has been bettering in terms of entertainment, social media, and communication. Today, smart phones really are a verification of this improving technology, but exactly how decide which you are the better device? IPhone and Android os are the most recent most powerful operating systems out on the market. You will discover advantages and disadvantages to both mobile devices, and the ongoing competition will improve the smartphones for a long time to come.

Affordability and durability are the two key elements when it comes to getting a smart phone. Apple and Google have gone head to head on rivalling for the best goods. Most people assume that the costly device provides better durability and can be utilized longer. Cost wise the Android cell phones ranges any where from one hundred to three hundred us dollars. In contrast, the iPhone cost range is between two hundred to six hundred us dollars. Most Android users survey that they have fallen their cellphone multiple times and possess not got major problems for their telephone. On the other hand, iPhone users suggest that the front display screen display may be shattered conveniently because of the front screen glass like screen, and changing the screen can often could prove costly than the mobile phone itself.

There is a larger range of android phones because they are made by a number of manufactures. Android os gives you the flexibleness to choose from many different colors, sizes or distinct features. The iPhone is restricted and restricted to one model each year, nevertheless recently Apple has now produced two phones with different colors to match your personal inclination. Nonetheless, Apple phones have the same features.

While these phones are more strong and entertaining than any other smartphone, that fun comes with a price. Any smartphone customer will refresh their cellphone almost every couple of hours. The cellular data network to each phone drains the battery the most, because we use it daily either...