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(Assignment- 60marks)

Queen. 1) Brand & describe with ideal examples, 3 reasons why intercontinental marketing much more challenging than domestic marketing? [10marks]

Ans> Domestic Advertising Versus Intercontinental Marketing- Household marketing involves one set of uncontrollables derived from the domestic marketing. International marketing is much more sophisticated because a online marketer faces two or more sets of uncontrollable variables originating from different countries. The marketer must cope with distinct cultural, legal, political & monetary devices.

Benefits of Foreign Marketing

i. Regarding Overseas markets-> Developing countries inspite of economic & marketing problems, are excellent markets. The earth market is several times bigger than the US market. Hence various US businesses grow by going foreign. For for example, in case of Amway Corp., a privately held ALL OF US manufacturer of cosmetics, cleansers & nutritional vitamins Japan symbolizes a larger market than the Usa.

ii. Sales & Profits-> Foreign markets amount to a larger discuss of the total business of many firms which have wisely developed markets in foreign countries. IBM & Compaq, for eg, sell more computers in foreign countries than at home. In case of Pepsi, international revenue account for more than 80% of the firm's working profits.

iii. Diversification-> Demands for the majority of products is definitely affected by this sort of cyclical elements as economic downturn & in season factors because climate. The unfortunate outcome of these parameters is sales fluctuations, which can be substantional enough to cause layoffs of personnel. A great way to diversify a company's risk is to consider foreign market segments as a solutions for adjustable demand.

iv. Inflation & Cost Moderation-> Imports can also be very beneficial to a rustic because they constitute arrange capacity for regional economy. Without imports, there is not any incentive pertaining to domestic companies to moderate their prices. The lack...