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1. How has the global economic depression, discussed in the opening account and during this chapter, impacted jobs outsourcing inside the BPO industry?

The global financial crisis caused a large number of changes in economic situation in the world. Since International Company for Labor wrote " Several key developed economies have virtually entered into economic depression and joblessness is going up. Economic development in growing economies and developing countries has slowed down, in some cases significantly”. A global trouble called for a worldwide solution. Distinct country's government authorities undertake diverse measures to assist banks to survive, e. g. guarantee deposits, bonds and debt etc . The global economic downturn leads businesses to reduce their costs. Business competition has now created to a level of sophistication typically called globalization—global competition characterized by networks of international entrave that bind countries, establishments, and people within an interdependent global economy. Economic integration comes from the reducing of operate barriers and the increased movement of goods and services, Capital labor, and technology around the globe. The invisible hand of global competition will be propelled by phenomenon of the increasingly borderless world, by simply technological improvements, and by the rise of developing financial systems such as Chinese suppliers and India. India is among the countries with emerging marketplaces.

However , there are crucial aspects of globalization other than economical factors, nevertheless these factors are connected. India is on the second place in 20 top countries as measured by four comprehensive factors - financial integration, scientific connectivity, personal contact, and political proposal. Although the United States leads the world in technology, it falls behind a number of countries on the other three factors. It can be clear that economic globalization will be advanced by corporations looking to maximize their profits with global efficiencies, simply by...