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The subsequent text includes part of a peice from the online edition of the newspaper. This article is a review of a TV drama about the life of the well-liked children's writer Enid Blyton. Both the drama and the assessment focus on the partnership between the writer and her own kids. (a) Think about you really are a former staff of Enid Blyton. You could have seen the television drama and you have read the content. You believe both are unfair towards the author, so you need to give your response (which will probably be posted in an online comments section) that will give a considerably more favourable view of the author and her relationship with her children. Write the response in 120–150 words and phrases.


(b) Compare the look and vocabulary of your response with the style and terminology of the initial article.


Why Enid Blyton's very best creation was herself

A new drama shows how Enid Blyton, writer of The Renowned Five and Noddy books, was a questionable self-promoter, exploiting her personal children to further her profession. A much-anticipated screen resource of Enid Blyton describes the dark and often alarmist truth lurking behind the life of 1 of the world's favourite little one's authors. Yet the most tight moment through the making in the film occurred behind rather than in front of the digital cameras.

It emerged one afternoon when Blyton's only living through child, Imogen Smallwood, seventy four, visited the set. " I was seriously worried about that – many of us were, ” admits the producer Lee Morris, who invited Smallwood to watch a scene. " It was a tense minute because the lady was strolling into a drawing-room in which a couple were playing her mother and father. ”

a few


His fears had been soon allayed. Morris says, " The girl then spent the evening giving us some seriously useful guidance. For instance, your woman changed one of the lines in which a maid dealt with her mom as Mrs Blyton. The lady told all of us that Enid was usually referred to as Mrs Pollock, a little detail, although something that actually added to the authenticity. ” 15

Smallwood's relationship with her mom was complicated and fraught, and the girl was aware of her faults. Yet Enid is a great unflinchingly honest biopic of the woman behind Noddy plus the Famous Five. It describes Blyton like a woman who have presented her public and her family members with different encounters.

The episode reveals how Enid used even her own family to bolster the Blyton brand. Her two daughters from her matrimony to Pollock, Gillian and Imogen, were routinely wheeled out for promotion purposes because Blyton pictured herself like a devoted mom. But when the photographers remaining, the reality was different.

After her mom's death, Imogen wrote a scathing autobiography, A The child years at Green Hedges. " My mom was arrogant, insecure and without a trace of mother's instinct. Her approach to life was childlike, and she could be spiteful, like a teenager, ” she remembered.

One of the most showing scenes inside the film incorporates a tea get together that Blyton has organized for a group of her youthful fans. As the writer makes a fuss with the visitors, her own...