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 Ikea Dissertation

Mister. Ingvar Kamprad,

As I'm sure you know about, IKEA provides faced a lot of recent kid labor accusations for a few of your major suppliers of American indian rugs. We were caught entirely off shield the first time this is brought to each of our attention. The initial television documentary portrayed children in Pakistan working at weaving looms; and listed IKEA among the biggest importers of carpets from Pakistan. Our initial response to this example was total shock; although we have promised we would do something to fix this. After employing an external monitoring service to keep an eye upon child labor practices, and taking various trips to our suppliers to educate ourselves about these issues, we all felt i was taking a great step forward. Nevertheless , another episode was lately brought to the attention that has caused myself to re-think the benefit of continuous our American indian rug revenue.

The most recent allegations came from an investigative survey naming a major Indian area rug supplier jointly that utilized child labor in the production of mats made specifically for IKEA. These kinds of accusations are exceedingly serious and we need to take a good stand against suppliers who have are continuous to use kid labor. Though it has always been IKEA's goal to keep prices low for customers and to not waste resources, your original perspective of IKEA was to produce a better existence for many people. You built this provider because of the perception that a extraordinary amount of resources ended uphad been used to gratify a small section of the population. Keeping this in mind, I think we really need a solution that will allow both components of your perspective to be upheld. We need to concentrate on keeping rates low, although also upon creating a better life for individuals. Therefore , it is my suggestion that we lower of flow of Indian carpets from this business.

Although slicing supply can disrupt source of area rugs and briefly affect revenue, we have to require a stance; especially given the recently agreed upon addendum to our contract explicitly forbidding the...

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