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Do Radish Seedlings Produce Allelopathic Chemical substances?

Do you ever think that you need the own space? When you think you want to get away from other people, you may walk away or leave the area. Plants and trees need their own space in order to obtain sufficient levels of nutrients through the soil and sunlight. Plant life, of course , are not able to move apart. However , a few plants make use of chemicals to keep other plant life from growing too close. This process is named allelopathy.

Several scientists believe that germinating radish seeds emit a substance that disrupts the germination of different seeds. Some three years ago, a group of scientists printed a scientific paper that demonstrated that germinating radish seeds have an allelopathic effect after lettuce seeds. A year later, an additional group of botanists repeated the experiment. The 2nd group said that the radish seedlings acquired no allelopathic effect upon lettuce seeds germination or perhaps growth. It is now your choose determine if radish seedlings carry out have an allelopathic effect upon lettuce seed.

Suggested Materials:

plain light paper towelsscissorsradish seeds

storage units for developing seedspencillettuce seed products

waterhand lens

Suggested Process:

1 . Flip a daily news towel by 50 %. Fold that in half once again. Place the underlying part half of a dish in the center of the flattened towel. Having a pencil, track the bottom with the container upon the folded paper towel. Cut out groups. Insert all the paper groups in the bottom level half of the petri dish.

2 . Using the same procedure, minimize paper groups and place these people in the additional three pots.

3. Labeled the bottom of 1 container " lettuce. ” Label the base of an additional container " Radish. ” Label the underside of the third container " Lettuce and Radish seeds--started together. ” Label the four box " Radish--Lettuce seeds added after radish germination. ”

4. Saturate the newspaper circles in each pot with drinking water. Carefully put off plenty of water.

a few. Place 25 radish...