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Point of view on Health Care Paper

(HCS 212)

January 14, 2013

Published to: Professor Mary Helen

A)What interested me regarding the history of health care?

There is doubt the healthcare market offers a lot of profitable occupations. In fact the majority of the best paid and the quickly growing careers belong to this industry. Essential I are heading in Health Care Supervision because I wish to be a great administrator pertaining to Center of Disease Control (CDC). I have passion pertaining to serving persons and to make positive impact in their lives. I contemplate it as one of the quickest growing health-related career and a high spending medical profession and don't just offer me a decent pay, but they provide me several other factors. According to the United states of america Bureau of Labor Stats, eight with the top 20 speediest growing jobs belong to the medical field or perhaps the healthcare industry. The sector has give as many as 13 million jobs. Technologies had given a path method to the constant advancement in medical field inside the health program. I have to declare what interested me inside the history of healthcare are the development of the vaccines for disease throughout the years as well as the advancements of applications like the Centre for Power over Disease and Prevention (CDC) giving climb after World War in 1946. Vaccines are what I captured in chapter one out of the nineteenth century among 1850s and just how about (30, 000) persons died via yellow fever and cholera epidemics. Various have died from infected water and food, inadequate living conditions and sewage disposals. Today in this hundred years there are vaccines for these disease and many others which has dropped the death level since then much like better getting rid of sewage and safeguarding our foods and facilities together with the concern of Fda (FDA) and the Occupational Security and Well being Administration (OSHA) have also contributed to the loss of morality, deaths and illnesses reduction.

B)What areas of health care I am...