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Lars Erickson

Migration & mosaics 304

November 2012

Book Review (Immigrant experience): Grapes of Difficulty

The Grapes of Wrath. By John Steinbeck. New York: The Viking Press- David Loyd, 1939. Pg. 619. $10. (hardcover).

Reviewed by Lars M. Erickson

(sorry for the size of this newspaper, It's a long book and i also had A lot to say) Summary/overview

The novel, " The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck, takes you on a explain of one family's migration, coming from Oklahoma to California resulting from exodus. The family is forced to migrate west in search of a livelihood throughout the great depression from the 1930's. The structure in the chapters with this book alternative narrating the journey with the Joad family members with information of the westward movement of migrant maqui berry farmers in the 1930s as they run away drought and industry. Steinbeck, a indigenous of Cal, draws coming from first hand activities to guide you not only along the journey of one family in particular, the Joad's but , to also uncover the desperate conditions of migrant farming-families faced during the great depression in the united states. The Joad family was a part of a migration of men and women called " okies” that have been farmers from your southwest that migrated westward in search of prospect. The Okies were maqui berry farmers whose topsoil blew apart due to dust particles storms and were required to migrate along Route 66 to California in search of work. The Okies were resented for migrating in good sized quantities to areas in the West in which work was already hard to find plus the sudden large number of workers brought on wages being lowered. The Joad's stay in Oklahoma, known as the " Dust Bowl" of the U. S. due to the lack of rain. The Joads' were sharecroppers evicted from other homes mainly because they did not pay the financial institution their mortgage payments towards the Shawnee Property and Cattle Company.  The entire area was being evicted by the area owners, forcing sharecroppers' to leave all of that they have ever know and cared for at the rear of in search of a sustained your life elsewhere.

The story opens up simply by introducing the key characters and painting an image of a dried up withering Oklahoma farming location. Released via an Oklahoma state jail after providing four years of a manslaughter conviction, Tom Joad makes his in the past to his family's farm building amid the desolation with the Dust Bowl. This individual meets Jim Casy, an ex preacher as well as the man whom baptized Mary as a child. Mary gives the old preacher a glass or two from his flask of liquor, and Casy tells Tom how he chosen to stop speaking. He admits that he had a behavior of taking girls " out in the grass” following prayer meetings and explains to Tom that he was conflicted for some time, not knowing how to get back together his intimate appetite with his responsibility for people young women's souls. Ultimately, however , he came to your decision that " there isn't no bad thing and generally there ain't not any virtue. There is just products people do. It's a part of the same thing. ” No longer persuaded that individual pleasures manage counter to a divine prepare, Casy thinks that the human spirit is the O Spirit. John accompanies Jeff to his family's plantation; when they still find it deserted, fronted by withered crops, they find Muley in that property. Muley is definitely an old relatives friend that stayed behinde while his family leaves for A bunch of states to tend to his rightful land. He explains haltingly that a large company features bought every one of the land inside the area and evicted the tenant maqui berry farmers in order to minimize labor costs. The three guys proceed forward traveling to Tom's Uncle John's house, exactly where they get the Joads preparing for a long trip to Cal in search of function. The entire friends and family has gone to work choosing cotton confident of earning enough money to get a car and make the quest to California. Large Cal landowners possess poster announcement for employment throughout american Oklahoma, and Ma and Pa Joad have decided to go their relatives their; evicted from their farm by the bank that owned or operated it, that they feel like they have no second option. Once Ben has been reunited...

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