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Edward cullen Gough Whitlam was born in Kew (Melbourne) in 1916. In 1918 the Whitlams moved to Sydney and Gough attended the Mowbray Property Preparatory University and later attended Knox School. With the shift of National Parliament by Melbourne to Canberra, his family had been among the first to go there -- it also manufactured him the sole prime minister to actually grow up in the national capital. Presently there he went to Telopea Park High School and Canberra Grammar School before going out of Canberra when justin was 18 to carry out a full Artistry course and three years of Law on the University of Sydney. He then became Affiliate to Mister. Justice Maxwell. In 1942 he hitched Margaret Elaine Dovey, that they had four kids. A few months before having been married, when Japan arrived to the conflict, Gough became a member of the RAAF. He was centered at Gove in the Northern Territory, at the time of the 1944 Fourteen Factors referendum; Gough campaigned to get Labor. Whilst still surrounding this time force, he joined the Darlinghurst Branch of the Labor Party in 1945. After the battle, he returned to the university for a yr before getting Associate to Mr. Proper rights Owen. Gough became a barrister in 1947 and stood as being a Labor candidate but failed to win both the Sydney City Authorities seat or the Sutherland couch. In The fall of 1952 this individual won the federal seats of Werriwa in traditional western Sydney. In 1960 Whitlam won the deputy management of the Labor party. Following the 10 November 1963 selection, Gough began to challenge Calwell for the leadership but was not successful until the 16 November 1966 poll. Inside the years to follow along with Gough earned a seat from the government in a by-election, held three Labor car seats in by-elections, reduced the governments majority at two senate elections and received 17 seats at the Home of Associates election in 1969. On the 2 January 1972, Gough led Labor back into workplace for the first time since 1949 when he offered the electors a summary of 140 reconstructs.

One of the first things Whitlam did if he became prime minister was end...