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Good morning listeners, I was Diviyana Angallo and everyone should be open to this week's program of Poetica. Toda we will be continuing our series on voices from the Margins-Hearts that need to be noticed.

Last week all of us looked into the marginalisation of aborigines through powerful poems from copy writers of radical decent.

Soon we will be exploring two poems. The initial poem will be The Unhappy race by Oodgeroo Noonuccal and the second will probably be " Solo Confinement” by Robert Master

But before we get started, allow me to explain to the new listeners the concept of marginalisation. What is and who is afflicted with marginalization.

The word marginalization may be the process where something or perhaps someone will be shifted to the edge of a group and measured not as important. Marginalization ignores and consider or protect the needs of certain people that do not have a similar advantage because others. By simply ignoring people they are unable to have the same legal rights and possibilities as others to take part and achieve society.

In Australia you may say we have marginalised teams such as Native people, the deaf and blind as well as the mentally ill. People who have migrated to Australia may also be known as marginalized due to their needs.

The immigration good Australia commenced with the initial human immigration to the continent around 60, 000 years ago when the forefathers of Australian Aborigines came on the place from the destinations of Maritime Southeast Asia and New Guinea. From the early seventeenth century onwards, the region experienced the first coastal landings and exploration simply by European explorers. Permanent Euro settlement began in 1788 with the establishment of the English Crown nest of New Southern Wales. From your first exposure to the migrant workers from Great britain there was stress. Cultural distinctions led to exclusion and denial. Then later, in 1901, the white Australia policy was introduced to prevent persons of African, Asian or maybe Pacifica ancestry from going to...