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Support or not support


The economic globalization of modem world has developed pertaining to 32 years since 1980's. As its creation, there is no doubt that in the financial globalization weather countries which have strong economies should support countries with financial issues.

The reason is that, in the world, there are 3 economic groups. Asian-Pacific economic circle, Eurozone (European economical circle), American economic group of friends. Both of them consist of different countries in the same area. If some of the countries in the place, its financial has confident or unfavorable effect, it can affect other countries which can be in the same economic ring with this.

For example , the Eurozone debt crisis. Really first took place in Portugal. The credit rating of Greece government experienced broken down. Then your economics of Eurozone reduce. That affects the Countries in europe such as UK, Spain. Based on the BBC News (2011)” almost all of the UK's total trade is definitely from the Eurozone. So the debt crisis in the EU does harm to the need for services and goods in the UK. It can possibly make the weakening of the pound which gives Eurozone exporters a competitive price border over the UK. After a very long time, this could be the political isolation in The european union, so that users can make their particular rules on other matters that influence UK's business and operate without requesting the UK's government”

That shows that the credit catastrophe of Portugal lead to the Eurozone financial debt crisis then your business plus the economics of UK will probably be affected deeply by the Eurozone debt problems. So , the UK should ensure that the other countries which are impact by the Eurozone debt problems, Such as Portugal, Italy and Spain, to ensure that UK could make the adverse effect reduce and have less effect on by itself.

If countries experiencing financial difficulties after the crisis, minus any support. That probably will make the negative effect spread to the out of the Eurozone as The Guardian (2012) said” The Eurozone...