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 Essay in E- Procurement

eProcurement related issues

E- Purchase system is data that is scientifically –based ordering system, applied at the end input of the source chain administration (Chang, 2012). Unilever has realized the value of being increasingly connected and be embedded with other infrastructures given that Unilever is a company that operates globally. Unilever believes that by using the e-procurement cost savings will probably be achieved. Pertaining to countries that operate internationally e- purchase should be considered mainly because it improves the potency of operating processes and the transparency in supply chain management (chang, 2012). For the past seven months Unilever has been experiencing unnecessary costs caused by non-value adding activities such as data entry, improving errors, repairing customer requests, which constitutes copious paperwork. Unilever continues to be experiencing trouble implementing the e-procurement system. Unilever is definitely reluctant about implementing the machine as there is for example unwillingness to share info with their trading partners because there is not much buyer-supplier romantic relationship. Adding to the issue of implementing the system, is a costs and development time required to create the on line system (Chang, 2012). The key concerns that Unilever has become dealing with are discussed below.

Lack of info control and capital issues

Unilever is concerned about the inability to control the business data and Unilever has its own suppliers and operates internationally so there is difficulty in controlling the system (chang, 2012). Concerns stretches to security and confidentiality while sites may be hacked and loss of details can be knowledgeable (chan, 2012). The problem of trust is definitely huge while trust can be something that is obtained more than years so Unilever is reluctant to talk about information. The potential risks associated with on the net systems would be the level of safety of email contracts, their particular legality, position of electronic digital signatures as well as the copyright laws to electronically copied documents remain...