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 Democracy - 4th Theory of Dalam negri Essay

Democracy as the reflection of the Fourth Principle of Pancasila The problem of democracy happens to be an interesting chat in this region. Although often refer to democracy based on Pancasila, his type is different. Occasionally, even extremely opposite, among Guided Democracy, Pancasila Democracy and Democracy in the era of the Reformation. Cutting edge, always considered the most correct, so it will be natural, if democracy is usually not democracy even regarded as previously. The word democracy alone does not set forth in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution, which usually contains the Pancasila. However , the essence of democracy contained in the fourth principles of Pancasila, the Sovereignty of the Persons, led by wisdom of policies based upon the Consultative / Representative. As far as what our democracy is the embodiment of the 4th precept that? When the founding fathers of this country formulate the 1945 Constitution, of course , desire to provide the best administrative system for the nation. The best that may be in accordance with the conditions of a remarkably pluralistic region, both in the aspect of cultural, religious, sociable and ethnical rights. That sovereignty in the hands from the people, the mechanism is founded on the Consultative / Agent. Has the importance of democracy as it is translated in the life of our democracy? Election Legislation Have we really - really refers to the essence of democracy is definitely hoping - aspirations in the founders with this nation? Has Mechanism of democracy that people take in any kind of decision-making identifies the importance of democracy that we desire? If a type of democracy which we have performed were distinct (since the guided democracy, Pancasila democracy and democracy in the era of the Reformation) democracy in which appropriate or perhaps most appropriate towards the essence of democracy as set forth in the fourth basic principle of Pancasila? Enough explanation that our democracy is now " too far", becomes " demo crazy" and therefore must be straightened out again? Perhaps, we...