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 Essay about Determining the Empirical Formula of Magnesium O2

Chemistry Laboratory Report case:

Chemistry Clinical Report (Magnesium Oxide)


As we discovered before on how to determine the empirical mixture of a mixture based on quality and also chemical substance analysis on it. Hence this experiment is principally goes around with how to determine the scientific formula of Magnesium Oxide pursuing various small procedures to get the knowledge and apply it onto another ingredients. We are investigating the scientific formula of Magnesium Oxide with this experiment.


Just how empirical mixture of Magnesium O2 is attained by heat Magnesium inside the presence of air?


When Magnesium and O2 are warmed together, they readily experience a chemical change

Magnesium (mg) + O2 = Magnesium Oxide

In the combination of chemical substance properties between Magnesium and Oxygen, we are able to absolutely calculate the empirical formula Magnesium (mg) Oxide, all of us measure the mass of the Magnesium initially and the mass of Magnesium O2 yet we could just discover the difference among Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium (mg) to get the ‘mass' of the Fresh air. This method seems more useful rather that measuring the mass of Oxygen primarily.

If Magnesium is being heated up in available air, they have very evident and rapid reaction because the material meet open fire and burns up with an intense white flame with the white colored smoke as being a product. Thus we can slow down the process by limiting the provision of o2 that actually reaches the Magnesium (mg) by placing a lid on the crucible.


Dependant: Mass of Magnesium (mg) Oxide(g)





Feasible effect on result

Method of managing


Mass of Magnesium ribbon


The amount of mass either less/more will impact the accuracy with the result received Use the same mass of Magnesium bows in every repeated trial offers which is 0. 3 g 2)

Time interval to spread out the cover


Enough time interval to open the ld either less/more will impact the accuracy of the result acquired Use the same time period top open the sport bike helmet to allow the oxygen gas to enter in for every 35 s


Safety Goggles, crucible, crucible lid, clay-based triangle, tripod stand, cable gauze, Bunsen burner, electric balance, Magnesium (mg) ribbon, stopwatch, filter paper, tongs


1 ) Magnesium is a flammable metallic. Magnesium can burn with cardiovascular flame. Do not look straight at using Magnesium. The light contain UV light that harmful to sight.

2 . Often wear protection goggles.

three or more. Do not inhale the smoke cigars produced when the magnesium can be burned.

4. Do not loose smoke! The more smoke loose, the more difficult to determine the empirical formulation.

5. Carefully pre-heat the crucible. In the event the crucible is usually thrown for the flame, the crucible could possibly be cracked and that we have to restart.

6. Deal with the crucible and its sport bike helmet only with tongs. Will not touch the crucible with fingers or hand. There exists a significant burn hazard connected with handling the crucible. Wash hands completely with soap and water before giving the lab.


1 . The crucible and its particular lid is definitely cleaned and rinsed with ionized normal water.

2 . The clean and dried crucible is positioned on the clay-based triangle, and heated to get 5 minutes to take out any risky material.

several. While the crucible is heated up, the magnesium (mg) ribbon(0. 3g) is cleansed with applying sandpaper to remove any oxide roating, the procedure is certainly not done by using finger because it will leave deposits in magnesium ribbon

4. By making use of crucible tongs, the crucible and its cover are taken off the clay triangle and placed on line gauze to cool.

your five. When the crucible and the top is totally great, the crucible is considered

6. The ribbon can be coiled and placed into the crucible. The mass can be recorded.

several. The lid is placed plus the crucible is usually heated pertaining to 5 minutes, when tongs can be used to lift up the lid for every half a minute to acknowledge air. When ever magnesium began to glow gaily, the crucible is quickly covered and the Bunsen...