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Dan Garver

Dr . Mangan

Honors U. S i9000 History

12-15 September 2013

Society Vs . Individual

The period of American Record 1607-1763 is most beneficial understood making use of the Society Vs . Individual idea. Three illustrations demonstrate this. The three aveu that are used as evidence to back up my thesis are Anne Hutchinson, Metacom, and the Enlightenment. All three with the identifications show how the Culture vs . Individual theme symbolized the period of American History from 1607-1763.

To begin, Anne Hutchinson is a Puritan activist who have lived in New England with the Puritan nest from 1636-1638. Anne Hutchinson fits into the Society versus Individual topic because your woman went resistant to the Puritan house of worship because the lady believed that Puritans need not follow the rules so firmly. This is among the the World vs . Person theme since Anne afterwards was trialed and exiled from the boston colony. Your woman changed American Governing mainly because she believed in personal liberty and later America became a nation based on freedom. Bea Hutchinson's specail actions formed the future of society using enlightenment thinking, which includes freedom of speech and religion.

Metacom was a Native American leader whom united tribes to rise up against the Europeans. The Natives were underdogs in the early on period of American History because the Europeans were more advanced in weapons and military. Metacom and his military services were not successful but is represents the theme because they were the underdogs and shaped the society of rebelling against the Europeans because was a theme that happens during American Record.

The final identification that supports the Society versus Individual topic is the enlightenment. The enlightenment was the most important event in American