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 Drama Research Essay

Written Assessment on use of Alteration Technique in

Exploring Characters from Blood vessels Brothers.

JOB: Write a great essay under on how you employed the alteration technique to explore the personas within Blood Brothers.

Within our lesson we explored the characters of Blood Siblings using the Change technique, taking the characteristic moves of pets or animals and making use of them to the way you would portray our selected character.

The chosen personality was Mrs Johnstone, the girl was a very calm and she cared for a lot regarding her children but your woman didn't have conditions to acquire twins thus she chose to give one to Mrs Lyons because the girl knew that Mrs Lyons would conserve of her child as well as the child would have a good education. I decided to explore the lion because that they both have similarities, for example , mothers lion actually care about her children.

My personal eyebrows were raised, my mouth was little bit accessible to show which i was surprised my hands were having the seat very strongly and hostile because lions are aggressive then I quickly got up and I gave three big large measures towards my personal partner, since lions have big paws and they are very fast. I was a lttle bit louder than her and my voice was little pitched to demonstrate that i was transforming my character into a lion and my eyes were wide open, my own eyebrows were raised from the inner attributes to show sadness so I nabbed her outfits to show I was desperate, I had been nearly on my knees. My eyebrows ripped downwards on the inner factors to show anger my oral cavity was open, I quickly stepped away from her since I wanted to calm me personally but my own partner was getting a tad closer to me.

I thought that the two characters' persona were identical because they are equally protective and in addition they really love their children such as, when Mrs Johnstone provided one of her twins the lady was thinking of his foreseeable future and that he could have a better education and I think which a lion would do the same task just to see their child grow in a better...