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Comparison of Countries

Costa Rica v. United States

Launch and Purpose

The us constitution is definitely legendary. Once other countries were developing government they generally looked towards the United States to copy our authorities. I have chosen the country, Panama and nicaragua ,, to review their authorities to the United states of america (U. T. ) federal government. Costa Rica is located in Central America surrounded by The country of panama and Nicaragua, the rest of their borders is usually water. Mainly because two factors of Panama and nicaragua , are surrounded by water they often have water damage by the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike the United States, Costa Rica has two seasons rather than four. The dry time (December to April) and the rainy time (May to November. ) Costa Rica has four volcanoes, two of them being lively. Arenal, this is certainly their the majority of active volcano, erupted this season. Costa Grain is a Latin-American country. (CIA WFB) Foundations

Panama and nicaragua , and Us shares precisely the same Republic kind of government. Panama and nicaragua , has eight provinces using a Laura Chinchilla as their Chief executive, Chief Executive, and Head of State; she just so happens to be the first woman President that Costa Rica has ever had. The usa has fifty states that are similar to pays, and with Barack Obama as our President. Panama and nicaragua , became free of Spain to become an independent nation on Sept. 2010 15, 1821 at the end with the French War. The United States became independent about July 4, 1776 via England during the Revolutionary War. Later on Nov 7, 49 the Costa Rica constitution was developed. The Combined State's metabolic rate was made in to law upon March four, 1789. (CIA WFB) When Costa Rica was freed, it took Costa Rica 36 months to elect a President; Juan Mora Fernandez, elected in 1824 (Geographia. com. ) The Costa Rican government is very similar to the United State's federal government. Both governments' have the same structure, three limbs of governments called the Executive, Legislative, and Legislativo Branches. Personal Environment

As you can see Puerto Rica's federal government is very like the U. H. government. The U. T. has gone through milestones of suffrage over time. From enabling blacks, to women, and ultimately 18 12 months olds to vote. Costa Rica has precisely what is called universal suffrage, most men and women over the age of 18 can vote. Residents in the U. S. may register to vote issues 16th birthday. Costa Rican citizens will be automatically registered to have your vote on their eighteenth birthday; they can be given a voter identity card. Since 2010 the voter turnout rate is 69% in Costa Rica in comparison to the 57% decider turnout rate in the U. S. Thoughts of for what reason the voter turnout percentage is larger in Costa Rica than in the U. T. is the individuals of Costa Rica are quickly registered to vote on the 18th birthday. Rather than inside the U. S. the people have to register themselves before they can vote. (phillip. greenspun. com. ) Panama and nicaragua , is made up of 94% of white wines, 3% of blacks, and 1% of other races. The majority of Playa Rican's religions are both Roman Catholic with 76% of the inhabitants, or Evangelical 14% in the population. The U. S i9000. is a little more diverse. Their inhabitants is made up of 80% whites, 13% blacks, five per cent Asian-Americans, as well as the other 2% are other events. The main religions in the U. S. are Protestant 51% of the population, and Roman Catholic 24% of the population, the various other 25% is mainly made up of different types of Christianity. 40% of the U. S. 's population consist of people between ages of 25-54 which is the largest percentage. Costa Rica's largest percentage of people is also between the age groups of 25-54. This is being thought of as the years that all of those people were born had been the " baby-booming years. ” (CIA WFB. ) Costa Rica's people have a much bigger influence on their polls than the U. S. individuals do. All the people that happen to be up for selection in Panama and nicaragua , are all elected by the persons. In the U. S. we have an Electoral...