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Songhai Forster

September 16, 2013

Composition I

Mister. Turner

School Initiative

Many people have goals and dreams they would wish to achieve anytime. My goal is to type in the medical field and become a professional in veternarian medication. But the just way I will do that is usually to further my personal education, have proof of just how focus and determined I actually am as to what I want to have life. My own mother constantly said should you really want something in life shoot for it. Don't allow someone deprive you of what you want. From the tender I am in university trying to better myself to get my upcoming, because actually what many people do not know is they need to go to college if you really want to really support themselves, help to make a better living. The longer you live in college the greater the degree, the larger the degree the bigger your pay will be.

In my friends and family education was always stressed upon me and my friends, because mother and father didn't want us to struggle the whole life living from income to income like a large number of people ahead of us. This is why I was trying to much better than that. I want to beat the statistic, I would like to prove to myself, the world that I am not just another amount, that I should be able to choose my future without having to be so limited in options.

My ideas as a scholar of St . Johns River State Community College is always to receive the highest possible grades, and make the Deans List, to ensure that way at the end of my two years for Saint Johns River Condition College, while i graduate with my SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE degree, I could further my own education onto other schools such as forsay my desire college University of To the south Florida. They may see that I actually am not like the rest which i am my own, personal individual who strives for the best of what the world has to offer. The way i see it is if you do not head to college, have some form of file, then it is merely going to be harder to find an actual decent job.

Take for instance, among my article topics in life is usually music if I were to want to go pursue music and make it a thing major,...