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Postdramatic theatre has become described as a step forward in the theater world, rendering artists with opportunities to break boundaries, fold rules and develop a highly original item of theatre (Lehmann 2006, 17). This article will investigate the postdramatic theatre conferences of non-linear narrative, physicality, parataxis and collaboration, and may specifically take a look at the company Forced Entertainment. It is going to explore among the company's activities, Club of No Misgivings, which premiered in 93. This overall performance will be analysed specifically in relation to postdramatic theatre.

A theatre company that works within the postdramatic scope is Forced Entertainment. The company involves six collection artists, whom began working together in 1984 (Forced Entertainment 2011a). Harry Etchells, the artistic director of the organization, explains just how Forced Entertainment " really wants to discover a way to level questions rather than to share claims" (Etchells 1999, 9). The company targets " produc[ing] witnesses rather than spectators”, as they feel this presents a better opportunity to interact with the audience (Etchells 1999. 17). Forced Entertainment explores topics such as love and fragmentation. They examine sexuality, religion, identity and obsession, neglecting performance and life boundaries and generating work that " pulses with the blood of different styles, aesthetic groups and political-philosophical dares” (Phelan in Etchells 1999, 9). A efficiency piece by the company that utilized these themes was Club of No Remorse.

Golf club of Simply no Regrets (1993) is a performance created simply by Forced Entertainment. The postdramatic theatre practice that it employed can be intrusive for target audience members, which can explain how come the demonstrate received distinct levels of involvement in different countries. The storyline involves the character of Helen By, a woman proclaiming to be lost in the woods, who needs repeated activities of selected scenes, just like ‘A Method Scene', ‘A...