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Pricing co2 financial derivatives based on European Union Emission Trading Scheme

College or university of York

Department of Economics and Related Studies

Master of Science in Finance

Bingxin Liu

Jia Chen

September 2014


Efficient costs of co2 derivative system is regarded as the core of European Union Emission Trading Plan, which takes on an important function in keeping stability and developing carbon dioxide financial marketplaces. The movements of the actual assets is the essential component, so we pay attention to ways to get the features with the volatility properly. Although the Black-Scholes model reveals a classic tool for option pricing, it truly is based on the assumption the fact that volatility is usually constant. As increasing numbers of research find that financial info exhibit fat tail and high kurtosis distribution, the assumption is not ideal. If we get the features of the random walk of prices, it will contribute much to charges derivative co2 products.

Within my paper, all of us first examine the carbon emissions trading market, then use a GARCH model to reproduce the return mechanics on Eu Allowance futures and options appropriately. After that we work with Monte-Carlo ruse to value the derivatives under a risk neutral evaluate. We get two conclusions: you are that the GARCH (1, 1) model reproduces the options contracts dynamics well. The additional is that Monte-Carlo simulated options provide an sign of good pricing.

Key Words: Kyoto Protocol; EU ETS; carbon finance; GARCH; Monte-Carlo Ruse


I would really prefer to appreciate the huge help coming from Dr . Jia Chen on her kind direction throughout the technique of my dissertation. Dr . Chen gave me insightful advice and clear assistance that help me not only in the corporation of the newspaper but however, grammar keyword and key phrase in my feuille.

I would also like to thank my friends Cheng Chen and Jane Milthorp for their assistances in my dissertation and finding the time to share their expertise inside the data mining and research.

1 . Introduction

1 . 1 International carbon dioxide emission trading

Under the background if world warming, traditional fuels just like coal and petroleum are regarded as non-renewable energy solutions, making large negative outwardness and air pollution. This situation noises an security alarm to people intended for climate modify problems. A lot more governments signal the Kyoto Protocol and participate into the environment protection.

Global warming constitutes a series of poor effects in human beings, posing a threat to lifestyle. Many economists have searched the bad effects on economic climate brought by local climate changes, and British economist Mr. Ernst's evaluations of those effects in 2006 are the the majority of classical kinds: the whole size of global economy will reduce in size by five per cent to 10% if we maintain the current creation patterns plus the situation will be worse to developing countries. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 3 years ago indicated that global warming can be obvious as the global suggest temperate will go up, iceberg accelerates shedding and marine level is rising.

Low carbon economy first develops in UK government's energy 'white papers' and it indicates to reduce the pollution from using coal and petroleum and greenhouse gas emission and to archive a win-win goal.

Kyoto Protocol was placed in implementation in 2005 and it eligible the green house gas including some product attributes and created the carbon dioxide emission trading allowances like a kind of intangible valuable asset. With the development of carbon goods, western produced countries sort out the environment issues and then shape green financing system. Carbon finance is a result of fund innovation in carbon release trading industry development and it includes carbon dioxide emission trading allowances, related derivative trading, financing to get low carbon programs, green credit and other financial intermediary activities. The emergency of carbon finance has...