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п»їCWV 301 Christian Worldview

Characteristics of God

Worksheet & Composition

For Portion I of the assignment, you can expect to look up the next passages inside the Bible to learn about specific characteristics of God and exactly how they shape the Christian Worldview. This can be a brainstorming exercise, where the listing of concepts is more important than composing. Consider utilizing a bullet list or format to discuss components and bass speaker elements. Intended for Part 2 of this job, you will publish an composition that summarizes what you have discovered in Part One particular. Submit the Worksheet towards the instructor right at the end of Component 2 .

Part We

Omniscience: The God in the Bible can be presented because infinite and all inclusive in knowledge including foreknowledge of what is to come. Goodness knows earlier times, present, and future evenly. In the pursuing passage, what characteristics of God happen to be listed? Isaiah 40: 26-33- God can be characterized while everlasting and always there for individuals. He won't grow sick and tired of being there for us, neither shall each of our belief in Him. Every time we look about Heaven, our strength in Him will be renewed. This individual states that people young and old grow weak and lose interest in things. Yet , he also states that He isn't capable of the. His like and support for us will be everlasting plus the strength than it will be unfailing.

Omnipresence & Omnipotence: Although God exists everywhere in most places, we ought to not consider Him as possessing physical dimensions. The almighty is spirit and requirements that This individual be worshipped in spirit and truth (John 5: 24). Toute-puissance does not mean that God may do anything; Goodness cannot lay, He cannot sin, This individual cannot change His nature or refuse His ay character. This individual cannot create another staying equal to Him self since He Himself can be not a created being, although has usually existed. This individual cannot discontinue to be Our god. But everything that He guarantees and wills, He can and may do to completion. In the following paragraphs, how is usually God defined? What are you will listed? Psalm 139: 7-10- God is usually described as being there for somebody and always with someone no matter where they go, wherever they're in, or whether or not they believe in Him. He is identified as always leading people while holding their very own right hands. And He is described as staying everywhere and being generally there for us no matter whether we want Him there or believe He's there. He could be characterized as being omnipresent.

Jeremiah 23: 23-24- Our god is identified as being everywhere. He is rhetorically questioning and explaining that He is almost everywhere, that there isn't any location invisible or found that he is not in. He is characterized as being omnipresent. Acts seventeen: 24-28- Our god is described as not residing in a homemade by the human race or in need of things from us to survive. Instead, He has created our world and every thing in it for us and has located people about this earth for specific times and for particular reasons. He basically produced us to live our lives for the purpose and one day fall back upon Him and go looking pertaining to Him. He's characterized while doing almost everything for us. His purpose is definitely us and our goal is to match his guarantees and live by his word. two Timothy a couple of: 13- God is described as always staying there for people even when all of us make mistakes. This individual created all of us as a part of Him and if This individual were to we will go for these types of mistakes, He would be enabling apart of Himself get. He is characterized as keeping in mind why and how he made us and being presently there for us. Hebrews 6: 18- God is described as gratifying his assurance to Abraham and demonstrating that he cannot sit. Those who stick to and believe in Him, will be encouraged to keep to follow and believe in Him. He is characterized by having ethics and rewarding His promises. James you: 13-17- The almighty is referred to as being honest and not setting people up for failure. This individual doesn't attract them in sin, instead their own personal desires carry out. And once they are really lured, their particular belief in Him may possibly end. This individual reminds them that this individual only sends them good things and doesn't temp these people...

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