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 Business and Administration Research Paper

Section 1 – Know the career rights and responsibilities of automobile and employer

1 . Identify four details that would be included in a contract of employment. If possible, use an case in point contract to compliment your answer (feel liberated to obscure any kind of confidential information).

a. Employer's Name

b. Employee's Name

c. Date of Commencement

m. Main work environment

2a) List three key points of legislation that impact employers in a business environment.

a. Health and Safety

n. Data Protection

c. Work rights and responsibilities

2b) List 3 key points of legislation that affect employees in a business environment.

a. Health and Basic safety

b. Info Protection

c. Pay and Pensions

three or more. Identify a range of places where a person can discover more details on career rights and responsibilities. You should identify at least two internal and two exterior sources of data.


a. Line Managers

b. Control Union Representative


a. Libraries

n. Chambers of commerce

5. Describe how representative bodies can support staff.

Trade Assemblage are significant organisation that represent the interest of their regular membership and can offer assistance through work structured representatives. They can support an employee by-

•Discussing any concerns employees might have concerning their workplace •They can easily accompany one to disciplinary or perhaps grievance hearings with management. •develop the best possible health and basic safety procedures with your employer •Represent you in negotiations over your pay and terms and conditions of employment this can be known as ‘collective bargaining'. •Meet with your workplace to find solutions to workplace concerns

5. Quickly describe employer and worker responsibilities for equality and variety in a organization environment. You must give for least two employer duties and two employee responsibilities.

If possible, give relevant equal rights and diversity methods from your office (or place of study) to aid your answer. These paperwork should be annotated to highlight the relevant sections.

Company responsibilities might include:

•Abiding by relevant aspects of legislation suitable to the workplace including: Impairment Discrimination, Employment Equality, Equal rights, Sex Discrimination, and Equivalent Pay. •Providing employees access to the relevant info.

Employee duties may include:

•Following firm policies concerning equality and diversity. •Treating acquaintances with esteem.

6. In short , explain the advantages of making sure equal rights and diversity procedures are used in a organization environment. Your answer ought to include one profit for the employer, one profit for the employee and 1 benefit for the overall enterprise.

The benefits of making sure equality and diversity procedures will be followed in a business environment may include: •Creates an environment wherever employees experience valued and supported •Employers can bring up the skills and experience of an array of people.

Section 2 – Understand the purpose of health, security and safety procedures within a business environment

1 . Identify employer and employee obligations for health, safety and security.

When possible, provide relevant health, safety and security policies as well as documents out of your workplace (or place of study) to support your answer. These kinds of documents must be annotated to highlight the relevant sections.

Employer obligations include upholding the relevant rules and guidelines

Employee responsibilities would include:

•Following efficiency policies and procedures pertaining to health, safety and security. •Take responsibility for promoting one's individual health and proper care and that of colleagues.

2 . Explain the purpose of subsequent health, security and safety procedures in a business environment.

For example in order that the safety and welfare of the individual and others is maintained all the time.

3. Illustrate...