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 Essay about Bruce Lee

In the Book Generic Lee: That they Died too Young, copy writer Jon Lewis tells the storyline of the best martial specialist that at any time lived. Known as Lee Jun Fan only to his family members, Bruce Lee was a passionate boy whom took an exclusive interest in the martial arts. Sadly, his your life was slice short when justin was only thirty-two. Through this short but unbelievably outstanding life, Generic Lee continue to proves being an excellent part model because of his willpower, determination, and self-improvement.

One of Bruce Lee's best attributes was his discipline. During Bruce's young years having been a member of the street gang that merely went trying to find fights. Nevertheless , through martial arts Bruce designed discipline and was quickly able to control himself. Bruce's discipline is easily seen in this quote about problems that occurred for the set of Your Dragon. " Another trouble was that the martial arts extras- most of to whom were people of the Oriental crime association, the Triads, would occasionally challenge Generic to a actual fight. In most cases Bruce will ignore it" (30). Bruce's discipline can even be seen in the total amount that he practiced his martial arts. He would practice day-to-day for hours, and even as a youngster he was usually practicing. " Bruce

Lee's devotion to kung fu was total. At home, during dinner, he pounded away on a chair with alternative hands to toughen them" (8). Though Bruce Shelter is a good function model because of his self-discipline, it is not the sole reason.

The 2nd characteristic that made Bruce Lee a great role model was his

determination. During his lifestyle Bruce Shelter was regularly plagued with problems. One of these was chronic back aches and pains. " In the 1970s Bruce injured his back in a lifting session. The diagnosis is that he had once and for all damaged his fourth sacral nerve. Not only would he need months of bed relax, the doctors informed him, but he'd never practice kung fu again" (18). Despite the doctors...