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SC121: Human anatomy and Physiology

1 . Ketones are shaped by the breakdown of which substances?

Fats pertaining to energy a process called ketosis

2 . Hyperglycemia stimulates the secretion that substance through the pancreas? Insulin 3. Hypoglycemia stimulates the secretion that substance through the pancreas? Glucagon 4. What sort of assay utilized to assess plasma sugar and ketone levels? sugar, oxidase, peroxide, dianisidine 5. 5. What type of assay was used to measure plasma insulin and glucagon levels? blood sugar, oxidase, peroxide, dianisidine six. When was your blood glucose concentration the highest?

Right after the meals

7. How come was blood sugar concentration the best at this time? Meals and refreshment intake almost 8. When was insulin attention at its highest?

1-3 hour after meal

9. What effect does the high focus of insulin have on the blood glucose amounts? Insulin will lower blood glucose level to normal. twelve. When was your glucagon concentration at its maximum?

Before the meal(Fasting)

11. How can glucagon influence blood glucose levels?

Glucagon causes the liver to convert placed glycogen into glucose, which can be released in to the bloodstream. Excessive blood glucose amounts stimulate the discharge of insulin. 12. Sucrase splits sucrose into _________ and __________. 
 blood sugar and fructose

13. Sucrase is found in which will part of the GI tract?


14. Regarding the effect of temperatures on enzyme activity, the fact that was the impartial variable? Heat 15. Point out the optimum pH for sucrase activity.

PH LEVEL of six

16. What happens to the activity of sucrase since the ph level becomes more alkaline? Temperature increases 17. Compare maximum temperature pertaining to sucrase activity to body's temperature. Sucrase temperature is more effective when it near to body temperature. 18. How might a slight fever affect sucrase activity? Improve the sucrose activity. 19. Talking about the stand above, especially state wherever in...