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 Blade Jogger Anaylisation Composition

My spouse and i completely and utterly accept the above declaration that Knife Runner features modern audiences with profound questions which can be meaningful because of the environment circumstance of the modern world. Blade Jogger introduces audiences with 3 profound inquiries that are highly relevant to the modern circumstance of contemporary society, which we certainly have already seen take place. Cutting tool Runner features the topic of human's responsibility for the environment through the presentation of a futuristic dystopia (opposite of utopia " perfect society” therefore meaning " imperfect society”) in Los Angeles 2019, nine years from at this point! Blade Athlete apprehends the ideas that futuristic technology will only certainly be a means of trade, causing the unethical and immoral methods of technology which can evidently be seen as being a major issue in modern technical advancements even though technology have not evolved towards the high requirements perceived in Blade Jogger. Finally Cutter Runner presents the most serious question what is humanity? And what does it take to become classified and ultimately cured as a human? The film Blade Jogger explores the theme of human's responsibility for the environment throughout the presentation of the futuristic dystopia of Los Angles 2019. This is significant to modern day audiences throughout the presentation of the war split, dark and over populated globalised city of Oregon of 2019 caused by human beings abrogating (ending the responsibility) their responsibility to the surrounding which is a total paradox of the modern sunny Los Angeles. The opening landscape of Knife Runner commences uses a high-low angles shot allowing a overview of the developed city of Los Angeles where only unnatural light, lights the black background in the night atmosphere, this building shot shows enormous balls or fireplace exploding in the night heavens from towering chimneys making pollution which may be seen very clear through the dark background. Through this overview of the city we could unable to discover any normal resources...