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 Essay about Refugees nationwide

п»їAustralia's obligation as being a nation will be and most important to it is citizens. However as a signatory to the Un Refugee Meeting it also has a obligation to protect the life and dignity of some of the most disadvantaged people on the planet. Since federation, Australia hasn't had a very good record when it came to refugees planning to come to the country. For decades Australia had a white Quotes policy. It really was not until the Vietnam Conflict that Asians were allowed to come here because refugees. Down under is now a signatory to the UN charter which gives selected rights to refugee looking for asylum. Yet , Australia's accountability as a land is first and foremost to its residents. Today, Down under is a multicultural country mainly because people who are obtaining refugee status, but carrying out by going through correct stations. The biggest issue facing all of us for as soon as is more and more asylum seekers (boat people) whom are trying to access this country unlawfully. Australia's requirement as a country is first and foremost to its citizens because in the event not it is believed this country can suffer sociable unrest. Australians are becoming disappointed because inside there detention centres you will discover riots and in some cases whole properties are getting burnt towards the ground. Australians are aware that it must be taking simply too long to process they which in turn lead to the above conduct. Time has to be reduced in detention organisations to stop harmful behaviour and increase efficiency in the testing process and maybe employ even more staffs to speed up the processing of refugees. Such as: the burning of half the hotel buildings for Villawood in Sydney. These are the people which were in detention centres for up to three years. Sydney should effectively follow the asylum convention that is meant not only to specify who a refugee is usually but also assessing their behaviour patterns and to protect refugees against forcible go back to their region. During this...