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Alamo. Bandagoza. Nuñez. Raña. Toledo.

What is a phrase?

A word is a selection of words that





command or wish.

Case: Our tutor in Conversation Skills is definitely

physically eye-catching.


• The subject of a sentence may be the

person, place, thing, or perhaps idea that

is doing or being something. �

• The complete subject matter contains the

noun, pronoun or a group of words

acting as being a noun (plus their

modifiers) that tells who or perhaps what

the topic is about.


• The predicate is a part of a

sentence (or clause) which usually tells us

the actual subject really does or is usually. �

• Located in the entire predicate

is the verb or perhaps verb key phrase (plus

any kind of modifiers and complements)

that tells the actual subject will or

is usually.




1 . Birds


2 . A heartthrob

passed away in an incident in the part during a

amazing sunset.

three or more. The story of my


4. Kathleen

is floccinaucinihilipilification�

5. We

discovered that this lady has a



bought a Dachshund.

The Sentence Structures:

• Basic

• Mixture

• Intricate

• Chemical substance - Sophisticated

Simple Phrase

• An easy sentence includes a subject and verb.

• It expresses a single total thought.

• A simple sentence in your essay is a one independent term.

• Case in point: Mae is soporific.

Chemical substance Sentence

• A compound sentence contains two impartial clauses.

• Conjunctions (for, and, nor, but , or perhaps, and yet, so) join these types of independent condition.

• The conjunction utilized can effect the meaning in the


• Example: Sometimes I place under the celestial body overhead and I say thanks to God

I'm breathing.

Complicated Sentence

• A complex phrase is an independent clause joined up with by a number of dependent clauses.

• A subordinating combination begins the dependent condition. • A dependent term that starts a sentence in your essay must be and then comma.

• A reliant clause contains a subject and a action-word, but it will not make sense itself.

• Example: Now that You aren't near, every thing is different.

Subordinating Conjunctions:

Afterhow Until

Though if Until


in as much �

as if

in order that When as long as

At least

Whenever as much as

now that



wherever as though Seeing that


since so that

Prior to even if


even though  though

Compound -- Complex Sentence

• A compound-complex sentence is a word that has by least two independent clauses and at least one reliant clause.

• The same subordinating conjunctions are used to introduce the dependent classes.

• Similar coordinating conjunctions are used for getting started with the independent clauses.

• Example: When everything generally seems to make not any sense, My spouse and i

promise to be with you and Let me never make you.


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