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A leader is one who maintains the eyesight in front of the persons. He is likewise one who posseses an influential romantic relationship with his subordinates so as to will take them towards the vision. Different management styles could affect a great organisation in another way, perhaps generating different results. As for me personally, I think the democratic management would result in greater production in the workplace. Firstly, democratic command is participatory. This means that frontrunners allow everyone to share ideas, input or suggestions while maintaining the final decision. Since the group members might possess various skills and abilities, the best choice capitalises on them to bring away contributions of higher quality. Subsequently, another debate for democratic leadership is the fact there is even more motivation intended for performance. The reason is , members think they are treasured as their suggestions are considered. Likewise, with participation comes a feeling of responsibility. This kind of ultimately creates a positive environment for better job overall performance and productivity. The third discussion is that democratic leadership provides empowerment to group people. There is a perception of trust and value between the users and their leader. As a result, there will be better working relationship leading to production. However , several arguments against democratic management would be that ‘too many cooks spoil the broth'. With many different ideas and opinions, issues and disbelief can effect. This can lower motivation and work functionality. Another counter argument is that democratic commanders are too lax as they provide reward and appreciation openly. These could potentially cause members to get laid back while there is no pressure to perform. Even so, ‘two minds are better than one'. It is better to obtain members that contribute than to have none. As for the 2nd counter disagreement, non-performing people will gradually get involved when they see other folks becoming good. In conclusion,...