An Evaluation from the Impact of Grameen Mobile phone on Socio-Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh

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 An Evaluation of the Impact of Grameen Telephone on Socio-Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh Dissertation

Chapter-1: An Overview of MNC


Multinational Corporation a well-known company, that is headquarter in one nation but has operations in one or more additional countries. Due to huge potentiality of marketplace in Bangladesh, there have been a multitude of multinational companies operating in Bangladesh both below manufacturing and service sector. Multinational Organizations (MNCs) have been playing a crucial role in the world economy and occupying a gigantic share from the world's professional investment, production, employment and trade. Even though the multinational company took delivery in the early 1860s, it had been only following Second World War which the multinationals have grown rapidly. Up to now, The Un has discovered over 60000 MNC and among them five-hundred are the largest.

Meaning of Multinational Businesses (MNCs):

Basically there is no common definition of MNCs, however generally a international corporation a well-known company, that is headquarter in one country but has operations in one or more various other countries. As an ILO report (1973, p-3) observes, the essential characteristics of the international enterprises lies in the fact that its bureaucratic headquarters are locate in a single country (Home country). While the enterprise does operations in several other countries as well (Host countries).

In respect to, Leonard Gomes (1978)-

MNC can be corporation that controls creation facilities much more than 1 country, these kinds of facilities he was acquired through the process of overseas direct expense. Farms that participate in foreign business, even so large they might be solely by simply exporting or perhaps by certification technologies are certainly not multinational enterprises. To be a international company, five criteria should be met as i have said by Jacques Maisonrogue, leader of APPLE world Trade Corporation:

пѓјIt operates in a large number of countries for different levels of economic creation. пѓјIts regional subsidiaries will be managed simply by nationals.

пѓјIt maintains full industrial organizations, including R& D a Manufacturing services, in several countries. пѓјIt features multinational central management.

пѓјIt has international stock possession.

Several times the phrase multinational firm is used since transnational or global organization. Apparently it appears to be identical, but a delicate difference is usually their. Transnational Corporation has got more than one hq. On the other hand Global corporation dosage not have any specific headquartered and consider the whole planet as a one, homogenous market.

Sort of MNC Operating in Bangladesh:


пѓјBritish American Tobacco,


пѓјGlaxo Jones Kline,


пѓјMobile- Exxon,




пѓјTelenor (GP),

пѓјHolcim, etc . are visible.

Not only these firms but likewise their opponents also struggling with in our market to capture industry share. Therefore, to survive in the competitive marketplace, all of these MNCs are trying to modify their procedure with the socio cultural environment of Bangladesh.

Disputes for MNCs:

Act as being a vehicle of transferring technology,

Kindle managerial trend in the number countries through highly sophisticated management tactics Also improve the employment and income to host countries Help to improve lifestyle

Introduced with new releases and providers

Helps to develop diplomatic relation.

Arguments against MNCs:

Do not really consider the welfare of poor countries rather than focusing only income maximization. Sometimes they undermine national economic autonomy and control and their activities might be inimical for the national pursuits of web host country They may damage competition and get monopoly power which cause the risk that they can may jeopardize the sovereignty of the sponsor country. Sometime they try to change web host country's own socio tradition.

Factors behind Becoming MNCs:

пѓјTo mix up them-selves against the risks and uncertainties in the domestic...

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