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 .. All of us Pay a Price for Everything We Get or Take in Our planet.. . Important Lens Composition

D. M. Montgomery once mentioned ".. all of us pay an amount for anything we get or perhaps take in this world.. ”. Put simply Montgomery says that the selections we help to make in life, whether they be good or bad, also have consequences. Two literary functions that help support this kind of quote is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Shelter and Of Rodents and Men by John Steinbeck.

The writer uses conflict in To Kill A Mockingbird to help support the quotation. Conflict is a confrontation or perhaps struggle between opposing forces. After reading stories about the infamous Boo Radley across the street, Search and Jem Finch were intrigued to attempt to see him. By disobeying their men request to stay away from him, Scout and Jem arrived at the conclusion that Boo Radley was not bad after all. They produced a new friend who ends up saving all their lives. In cases like this, the effect was not a poor thing plus the children attained something in the encounter.

With the aid of characterization, Of Mice and Men also supports the quote. Portrayal is the several means an author uses to spell out and develop characters Lennie and George are the primary characters available. Lennie has a mild mental disability and relies on George to help him through existence. Due to his condition Lennie doesn't usually realize what he is performing. Just like this individual as unaware of his strength which resulted in the unintentional killing of Curly's better half. In return, he too was killed, thus showing that you do pay a price for your actions. In this case, the consequence was more of a abuse than a incentive.

Both literary works display that no matter what you do in life their very own is always a cost to pay out. With the use of Issue and Characterization the experts effectively support support the quote. D. M. Montgomery once said " …we pay a price for anything we get or take in this world…”