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п»їWhat Will I Be Undertaking In 10 years?

Life is very short! It is not significant how much longevity we have lived, but it is quite important how we live the life. Generally people need to add times to life while, I believe to incorporate life to days. Everybody has an idea from the type of person they would like to be and the actual will have loved to accomplish in a span from the next 10 years. No one can foresee the future although I do incorporate some ideas of what I want to do in the years coming up. In my following ten years, I have to make myself as a powerful woman in education your life, family life, corporate your life and social life. I want to acquire even more knowledge and enlighten me personally. Although youngsters are important to me personally, I do certainly not intend to be a stay at home mother. Having attained my bachelors degree in IPE from AUST, I need work at an industrial firm as a director. While doing work for the company, I would like to complete MBA which I think will really help me to become a better manager than previously and to protected a better situation in the firm. Children have been important to me. Since I am able to remember I possess always wanted to become a mother. I think I will be an outstanding mother, giving my kids all the love and devotion I can offer. I will appreciate being a sports mom, taking kids for all of their after school activities. I will be the very best mother, getting supportive and tending all my children's needs and wants. Besides family, I want to do something best for the society. I want to discuss education with people who cannot read or write, those who mental complications, and help these people get all of the education required in this world to have a peaceful life. I have to stay in between people and help them be able to a better life-style. " Always be the transform you want to discover in the world” quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, I want to adhere to this way and I want to see everyone operating equally and relatively close with pleasure. I want to support poor people who have live agony life. I would like to help...