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 A Women’s Place Is in the Home. Dissertation

Our company is now living in the 21st century, the idea of if a woman ought to work is extremely different from the standard culture. It is just a very common scene for women to attend work in Hk now. To a larger expand, I believe a woman's place is not just in the house.

Traditional thinking said that women should stay at home, clear away the house, manage the children and cook for the friends and family. This is a woman's responsibility. People judge that only individuals housewives are good women or good mothers since they do many things to keep the home warm. However , have people ever thought from the women's aspect? Do ladies really want to work? Do you know how boring it is to stay at home for the whole day?

Contrary to before, people consider simply male should go to school and feminine should stay at home to manage the household. Nowadays, everybody including feminine have the same possibilities to study while male. Women and men can have a similar qualifications and academic qualifications. Also, since men and women surely have the equal right inside the society, females don't have to depend on men on a regular basis as they may earn their own living by simply going to work. Isn't that justified for females to go to function?

In Hk, a numerous number of men find employment in order to generate the money for the family's living. Therefore, women go to work as they will hope to help their husbands in showing the responsibility of supporting the families. I am sure their partners will appreciate this. Besides, since both parents are functioning, so they may be able to supply a better living standard for children. They may have more cash to let their children to increase up healthily and gladly. Besides, the families may even go to trip during holiday seasons.

A lot of women improve their dreams instead of for cash, may be they would like to be a doctor, lawyer, designer or specialist since all their childhood. Why should they quit their dreams because of the classic thinking that females have to work?...