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Sedimentary Rock Worksheet

Use the subsequent table to spell out and distinguish between the effects of weathering and erosion. Each response must be for least 2 hundred words.

|Effects of Weathering |Effects of abrasion |What are the Differences? | |Weathering fights and decomposes |Erosion takes away materials through the surface |The difference among weathering and | |rocks. There are chemical substance and physical |and changes it in to something else. The |erosion is no movement is usually involved in | |types of weathering. The mechanical version|hydraulic actions transfer solid material |weathering. If an item is definitely loosened | |of weathering breaks down rock material |such as sedimentary rocks from one area to |mechanically or perhaps chemically and stays in the| |into smaller parts with no chemical substance |another region where it can be then placed. |same put in place which it happens the process | |composition in the weathered material. |Erosion degrades the land. When the property or|of weathering has occurred. If the | |Chemical enduring breaks down rubble using|road is definitely degraded this causes extreme damage|weathered item starts to approach, for instance| |a substance agent. |over time. Erosion could cause towns, |the movements could be due to wind, or perhaps in| | |towns, and tax payers a lot of money. Once |some instances water, this procedure is | | |there are erosions the area that is certainly |considered erosion. | | |affected should be rebuilt. |

Inside the following space, explain the role of plate tectonics in the origins of sedimentary rock. The explanation must be between two hundred fifty and 400.00 words.

Sedimentary rocks may be used to...