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п»ї12 Furious Men

Posted by: Pam McDonald

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Viewers Rating: Certainly not Rated

Introduced: 1957

Studio: United Artists/MGM

Genre: Crisis

Runtime: 95 minutes

Elements: VCR or DVD, television or discharge system, Wildland Fire Command Values and Principles handouts (single-sided), notepad, writing utensil

Objective: Pupils will determine Wildland Fire Leadership Principles and Rules illustrated within just 12 Upset Men and discuss leadership lessons discovered with group members or mentors.

Standard Plot: The jury of twelve 'angry men, ' entrusted with the power to mail an unfounded, teenaged Muelle Rican, tenement-dwelling boy towards the electric chair to get killing his father using a switchblade cutting knife, are virtually locked into a small , claustrophobic rectangular space on a stifling hot summer season day till they come up with a unanimous decision - either accountable or not guilty. The powerful, provocative film examines the twelve men's deep-seated personal prejudices, perceptual biases and weaknesses, indifference, anger, people, unreliable judgments, cultural dissimilarities, ignorance and fears, that threaten to taint their decision-making abilities, cause them to disregard the real issues in the case, and potentially cause them to a miscarriage of rights. (http://www.filmsite.org/twelve.html)

Ensemble of Primary Characters:

Martin BalsamJuror one particular (Foreman; coach)

John FiedlerJuror 2 (Bank clerk; unsophisticated juror)

Shelter J. CobbJuror 3 (Angry gentleman with photo of son)

E. G. MarshallJuror 4 (Stock Broker)

Plug KlugmanJuror your five (Grew in the slums)

Edward BinnsJuror 6 (Painter)

Jack WardenJuror 7 (Sports fan)

Holly FondaJuror 8 (Architect; Man who will not know)

Paul SweeneyJuror 9 (Nice older gentleman)

Impotence BegleyJuror twelve (Prejudiced old gentleman with cold)

George VoskovecJuror 11 (Foreign watchmaker)

Robert WebberJuror 12 (Advertising Executive; doodler)

Facilitation Choices:

12 Furious Men demonstrates an abundance of command values and principles—especially an emphasis on teamwork, the decision making process, and Socratic leadership. Pupils should have few problems identifying those that match the Wildland Fire Command Values and Principles. The objective is to never identify every single leadership rule but to promote thought and discussion. Learners should be significantly less concerned with how many principles they look at within the film and more concerned with how the concepts they do identify can be used to develop themselves like a leader. Get copies in the Crew Combination Assessment Device, developed by Mission-Centered Solutions, from your Wildland Flames Leadership Development website (http://www.fireleadership.gov/toolbox/documents/Crew_Cohesion_Assessment.pdf) for use with Well guided Discussion, #1. If you have not really used it, this might become an excellent opportunity to do so.

The film can be looked at in its entirety or simply by clip assortment, depending on facilitator intent and time schedules. Another technique is to have the employee(s) view the film on his or her own after which hold the dialogue session.

Full-film Facilitation Suggestion:

When opting for the full-film approach, the facilitator should determine a good breaking point nearby the middle of the film.

1 . Review the Wildland Fire Command Values and Principles with students. 2 . Advise students to record instances within the film that illustrate/violate the Wildland Flames Leadership Ideals and Principles on the handout provided. 3. Break students into little discussion teams.

4. Demonstrate students 12 Angry Males.

5. Break. (Suggestion: When the jury usually takes their break. )

6th. Begin the guided debate.

7. Offer a short synopsis with some " ticklers” to pay attention prior to starting the rest of the film. 8. Job application the film.

9. Possess students talk about their conclusions and how they may apply command lessons discovered to their function in wildland fire suppression. Facilitate...

References: Advanced Know-how. Twelve Angry Men: Clubs That No longer Quit. Facilitator Guide. 98. (Goes with the Targeted Learning Corporation guide below. )


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